A Spiritual Approach to Business

For me, one of the most interesting episodes of learning about Bill and Tricia Moser's new life among the Amish was hearing Bill describe how business is done in the communities the family has lived in. I was again struck by how, in his experience, the Amish are both entrepreneurial fiscal conservatives and, at the same time, nearly socialistic in their support of one another—again defying the ideological boundaries, the categories, that we of general society turn to so readily and so unfortunately! The Mosers saw communities that conducted business in a way informed by spirituality, by their interpretation of Jesus's teachings, in a way that paid attention to the whole community. No families were destitute, but, as Bill said, "nobody was raking in piles, either." Great spiritual and thought leaders from around the world see the wisdom in this way of shaping commerce. Here is a quote from Ghandi that echoes this idea.

"There is a sufficiency in the world for man's need but not for man's greed." 
Mahatma Gandhi