Our Community, Our Selves

When Bill and Tricia Moser set off down the path that led them to an Amish life, one of the most important things they sought was a tight community of faith. But community of faith meant far more than just a group of people practicing a similar religion. The Amish community they immersed in supported one another in business, in harvesting, in mentoring, in offering emotional support—community in the fullest, most robust sense of the word. Today, people across America are becoming more aware of our fragmented communities and see returning to strong community as an essential part of our future. Environmental activist and social commentator Wendell Berry found inspiration in the Amish sense of community years ago.

"Properly speaking, global thinking is not possible... Look at one of those photographs of half the earth taken from outer space, and see if you recognize your neighborhood. The right local questions and answers will be the right global ones. The Amish question, 'What will this do to our community?' tends toward the right answer for the world." — Wendell Berry