Following a Compass Point

In both a spiritual and a lifestyle sense, Bill and Tricia Moser knew they needed to head in a certain direction, but they did not know their specific destination when they began the journey that eventually led to an Amish life. They wanted to be closer to their children. They wanted a greater sense of faith in their daily existence. They wanted to be immersed in a community that shared their spiritual beliefs, their sense of Christianity. Their sense of faith gave them the strength to set off down that path, navigating to a future of uncertainty and change—no guarantees anywhere other than the ones they found in the teachings of Jesus. In this way, they shared something with America's early seekers, who, in a most literal way, chose a compass point and headed out over an uncharted land. Martin Luther King, Jr. touched upon the importance of this act—of trusting faith when charting your future—in this quote.

Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase.—Martin Luther King, Jr.