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Book club discussion

Becoming Amish explores the Moser family's journey from mainstream America to Old Order Amish, and along the way does a deeper dive into foundational beliefs, values and culture of the Amish. The story presents an enjoyable and provocative way for people to contemplate their own choices, and in doing so, also makes a great selection for book clubs because it inspires personal and spirited conversation about life. 

I have sat in via Skype on a book club conversation with young high-tech workers in Manhattan, and I've sat at the dinner table with a book club in small-town Traverse City, Michigan. I've been so pleased to hear the questions the book raised in people's minds and the pleasure readers seemed to find in comparing the Mosers' choices to their own lives, the lives of their friends, and talking through the Amish ways with their own tribe of book lovers.

I am happy to autograph books for clubs ordering through the website.