"What a compelling read!"
.. Robin Young, host of NPR's Here&Now


Highest review rating: Five Hearts. “Smith’s insightful book is an honest and respectful look at the joys, and the costs, one American family experienced as they sought to align their lifestyle with their deepest beliefs.” Kristine Morris, Foreword Reviews


D. Rankin, reader

Jeff Smith's story of the Moser family journey into the Amish community is thoughtful, well balanced, fascinating to read. It seems particularly honest, complete, well paced, and fairly told. I expect that the story is equally interesting to those of many faiths or even those not so interested in religion. Read dozens more Amazon reviews.


An Amazon reader

I was heading to Pennsylvania Dutch country on business last week and while browsing my local book store I thought this book could be an excellent book to read on the flight. I had been around Amish in the past while living in PA. but really had no idea what makes them tick. They were always there but kind of an enigma to me. I was not disappointed at all with this book. It gave me a real understanding of what the Amish lifestyle is all about and the convictions these people have for their devotion to their families, their God and their community. Read dozens more Amazon reviews.

S. Mills reader,

This is a fantastic book. Jeff Smith reports the story of a family transitioning from general society into an Old Order Amish community with curiosity, open-mindedness and empathy. He lets his subjects tell their own stories, and doesn't shy from difficult paradoxes. Read dozens more Amazon reviews.